Kết quả hình ảnh cho Q&A

How to create a free member account?


A member account allows you to save searches, set up property alerts and receives market insights. 

  1. Visit propertycloud.asia
  2. Click Join on the top right corner

  3. Follow the steps to create your account

Can’t see “Join”?

If there is a human icon on the top right corner instead of “Join”, this means you are already signed into member account. You can click on the human icon to see which email address you are signed in with.

Tip: Once you are signed up, click here to learn how to save searches and set up email alerts.


How can I update my Profile changes or change passwords?


A member account allows you to save searches, set up property alerts and receive market insights or upload properties


  1. Sign in 
  2. Click on the human icon on the top right and select “My profile” to update name, address password and profile picture
  3. Ensure you press “Save changes” if any changes are made


How can I use Saved searches, Saved properties function and set up email alerts?


Save searches and set up email alerts

You can receive alerts for new properties/projects based on what you are searching for on propertycloud.asia.

  1. Sign in to your member account (if you do not have one, click here).
  2. Perform a search on propertycloud.asia.
  3. Once the results load, click on Save search next to the search button on the right area.

  1. An announcement will be appeared on the top of the page

Saved searches are based on location, property type, price, number of bedrooms and number of bathrooms. They do not include any of the other search refinements available on our website, including keywords. 

Accessing your saved searches

  1. Sign in to your member account.
  2. Click on the human icon that appears on the top right corner of your page.
  3. Selected Saved searches and alerts.
  4. You will see the list of your Saved searches and alerts named by the search date.
  5. Ensure the Turn on is checked to receive daily alerts of new listings in the area. 

Note: An email alert will show a maximum of 10 listings in the area(s) of your saved search. Select View all matching properties at the bottom of the email to see the full results. 

Saving favorite properties/projects 

You save your favorite properties/projects using our Saved Properties function. Click Add to saved properties on the bottom of any property/project page.

We also have functionality to set up email alerts when a property sells. If you have viewed a property while signed into your member account, the Notifications tab will include an update when that property's status has changed to Sold. 


How do I save or delete properties from my saved properties?


How to save a property/project:

  1. Sign in to your member account. If you do not have a member account, click here to create one.
  2. Use the search engine to find a property that you would like to save.
  3. On the property display page, click on the Add to saved properties button found at the bottom

How to access your Saved properties:

  1. Sign in to your member account.
  2. Click on the human icon that is located in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Select Saved properties from the drop-down menu

How to delete your Saved properties:

  1. Sign in to your member account.
  2. Click on the human icon that is located in the top right-hand corner of the page.
  3. Select Saved properties from the drop-down menu.
  4. In the Saved properties page, click on the BIN button located below the property photos on the right-hand side.
  5. Refresh your page and the property will be removed from your Saved properties.


What are the best areas to live in?


Foreign nationals prefer Districts 1, 2 (more specifically Thao Dien area) and Binh Thanh, with District 1 being the Downtown of Ho Chi Minh City with buzzing day and nightlife. Modern high rise accommodations are of a smaller volume scale in comparison to District 2 and District Binh Thanh. District 2 is the westerners’ hub with a great choice of modern high rise accommodations, charismatic villas, townhouses and excellent amenities. Lifestyle is much more toned down as compared to District 1 as many families choose to settle here and prefer a quiet night’s sleep, though you can still get into District 1 pretty quickly in just 15 minutes. The rest of the districts are good value for your money to live in also and an excellent opportunity to experience the Vietnamese lifestyle fully particularly Districts 3, 4, 5, 10, and Binh Thanh.


What are the running costs of the property?


Tenants are required to pay building management fees (if a condominium or apartment within a development) and all utility bills consisting of electricity, water, telephone, Internet etc.


What documents do I need to provide?


You will just need to provide your passport with a valid visa allowing legal entry into Vietnam and open a bank account in Vietnam.




If you would like further information on Q&A about lease and property in Vietnam, please email to us at [email protected]