Parkland 53



Land area: 
11,615 sqm
Unit area: 
0 sqm
0 sqm
0 sqm
General Information
· Street no: · Street: Xa Lo Ha Noi · Ward: An Phu · District: 2 · City: Ho Chi Minh City
Property Notes

General description:

The site is about 11,600 sqm metres and generally level with a frontage to Hanoi Highway of about 220 metres. The site adjoins the existing Parkland residential tower. The site is about 2 kilometres north-east of the Saigon bridge. The site was vacant at time of sale and was fully serviced. Height limit is 40 floors max. Maximum site ratio 30%. The land is near regular. See plan below.




Legal/ developer overview:

Leasehold upfront payment for 50 years and expires 11.7.2057. Land Use Right Certificate No. BK380181 dated 29 May 2013 and issued by the Peoples committee of HCMC. Land lot 53 within cadastral map number 19.



Merger & acquisition &/or sale:

The seller and buyer was reported to be Chiaphua Hong Kong Group to Thao Dien Investments. The transaction occurred in 2018. Refer to subscription data for more details. 

Sale & evidence history

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General amenities

  • Bus station
  • Entertainment centre
  • Hospital
  • Local People's Committee
  • Metro station
  • Modern retail complex
  • Parkland
  • School
  • Sporting complex
  • Supermarket/Minimart
  • Traditional market
  • University


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