Wink Hotel



Land area: 
1,100 sqm
Unit area: 
0 sqm
8,000 sqm
0 sqm
General Information
· Developer: Indochina Kajima Development Company
· Developer: Indochina Vanguard Hotels Pte. Ltd.
· Construction Manager: First Quality Management Corporation (FQM Corporation)
· Architect/ Design (Local): Meinhardt (Vietnam) LTD
· Architect/ Design (Local): Aurecon Vietnam Co., Ltd
· M&E Consultant: FECON Corporation
· Street no: 75 · Street: Nguyen Binh Khiem · Ward: Da Kao · District: 1 · City: Ho Chi Minh City
Property Notes

General description:

Indochina Vanguard Hotel's first Wink Hotel is located in Ho Chi Minh City along Nguyen Binh Khiem. The proposed hotel will be a 12-storey, 237-room hotel built on a 1,108 sqm parcel of land. It will feature a cafe/bar and a co-working space. The groundbreaking date was celebrated on 30 November 2018. This project is being developed by Indochina Capital and Kajima Corporation.

Legal/ developer overview:

 - An Indochina Capital's brand

Wink is a highly defined brand designed for Indochina – a region at the cusp of the next stage in its evolution, clamouring for a hospitality experience unlike any before. A brand that believes in the tenacity of the Indochine mentality, Wink is a celebration of what the region has overcome and, more importantly, what it will become. Embracing time-honoured values, Wink strives to find harmony between modernity, innovation, efficiency and the city vibe, ensuring guests leave a vivid impression of the destination and brand. 

Designed for the aspirational modern traveller – one who is open, inquisitive & acquisitive. These individuals associate themselves with brands that represent who they are and where they are going. These individuals are informed and empowered when it comes to travel. Regardless of why they travel, they will not settle for clichéd experiences.

Sale & evidence history

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General amenities

  • Bus station
  • Hospital
  • Local People's Committee
  • Supermarket/Minimart
  • Traditional market
  • University
  • Zoo/ Safari Park


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